Mail us at and we can be reached at 0510-2380525
Contact Details of our Prime Office Bearers

Name Contact No Email
Mr. Yohan G. Immanuel,President,UCNITA +91 - 9916344330
Mr. Stephen Singh, Executive Secretary, GA-UCNI & UCNITA +91 - 9415940016,
The Camp Office of the UCNI/GA-UCNI & the UCNITA is run under the Executive Directorship of Mr. Stephen Singh and is situated at 471/A Christ Church, Behind St. Jude School, Nagra, Jhansi U.P.
In case of any query, contact should be made with
Name Contact No Email Address
Mr. Navroz Singh(Administrative & Communication Manager) 0510-2380525, +91 - 9415940016, +91 - 7619911122, 434/1, Isai Tola, Khati Baba, Jhansi, U.P. 284003