The United Church of Northern India Trust Association (UCNITA)
Registered under Companies Act (Regd. No. 2912/1938-39) & under Bombay Public Trust Act (Regd. No. D-97/1955)
The General Assembly, at each regular meeting, appoints a commission of not more than 50 members who constitute the United Church of Northern India Trust Association & whose membership Thereof shall be subject to the term of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the said association. The UCNITA, approved by the General Assembly, the purpose, is the holding body for all properties and trust funds belonging to the congregation or Church Councils or any other court of the United Church of Northern India. They also serve the Church in all or any of the functions provided for in their objects as set forth in their Memoranda of Association.
UCNITA is a company within the meaning of companies act 1956 and being a charitable entity has also been registered before the Charity Commissioners at Mumbai under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and is the trustee of UCNI.
Management Committee (2017-2018)

  1. President: Mr. Yohan G. Immanuel (Kolhapur C.C.)
  2. Vice Present: Rev. Eno. C. Panlook (Eastern Himalayan C.C.)
  3. Secretary: Mr. Stephen Singh (Bundelkhand C.C.)
  4. Treasurer: Mr C.J.Charles (Bundelkhand C.C.)
  5. Trustees of UCNITA.: Mrs. Christina Singh, Dr. Amit David and Rt Rev. Ajai Patteson
TA Commissioners for 2017 – 2020
  1. Rev. Ajay Patteson (Allahabad CC)
  2. Adv. Dennis Gideon (Farrukhabad CC)
  3. Mr. Stephen Singh (Bundelkhand CC)
  4. Rev. Sandeep Lal (Bundelkhand CC)
  5. Mrs. Christina Singh (Bundelkhand CC)
  6. Mr. Navroz Singh (Bundelkhand CC)
  7. Dr. Amit David (Malwa CC)
  8. Mr. Anshul Dandel
  9. Mr. Zareen Samuel (Rajasthan CC)
  10. Rev. J. P. Lepcha (EHCC)
  11. Adv. Dip Manish Sandyang (EHCC)
  12. Rev. E. C. Panlook (EHCC)
  13. Rev. T. S. Molommu (EHCC)
  14. Rev. Srikant Pathane (KCC)
  15. Mr. Yohan G. Immanuel (KCC)
  16. Mr. Dinanath Kadam (KCC)
  17. Mr. Deepak Chopade (KCC)
  18. Mr. Johnson Shakespeare (ACC)
  19. Mr. Sunil Sonawane (ACC)
  20. Mr. Nand Kishore Jadhav (ACC)
  21. Mrs. Varsha S. Kanhere (NCC)
  22. Mrs. Sujata Bhujbal (BCC)
  23. Rev. Dr. C. P. Bhujbal (BCC)
  24. Rev. I. Basil (LCC)
  25. Rev. Peter Joseph
  26. Mr. Munish Kumar
  27. Rev. Dayal Masih
  28. Rev. Yakoob Masih
  29. Mr. C. J. Charles