There are 3 churches under this Council that falls under Mid-India Synod. 
Rev. Rajesh Masih
Dr. Amit David
Mr. Anshul

The followings is the excerpt from the Book “The United Church of Northern India Survey 1968” published by GA of UCNI in Nagpur.

In the year 1967 it had churches in Banswara, Mandleshwar, Bildi, Mhow, Amlipara, Padlia, Dhar, Rasalpura, Indore, Ratlam, Kewaria, Vithal Dev, Kharia, Partner Church: United church of Canada.

History: The Canadian Presbyterians started work in this area about a hundred years ago. In some cases, as in Indore where the Cowley Fathers had opened a mission station, the Canadians continued the work of other Christian bodies. Work among the Bhils was started about 50 years ago but it was in 1936-38 that large numbers of these people joined the Church. Medical work was started in Dhar in 1895, but it was not until 1949 that many Bhils living in the villages around Rajgarh asked for baptism. In 1905 the mission was extended to the Nimar District where there have been a number of converts among Depressed Class groups. In Banswara, a district largely inhabited by Bhils, work was started in 1914. When much of the Canadian Presbyterian Church joined with other Christian Churches in Canada to form the United church of Canada there was one branch who felt unable to join the new United Church and continued as Presbyterians. At that time those who did not join the United Church were given responsibility for the areas now known as Bundelkhand and Vindhya and Satpura .Church Council, while the new United Church of Canada assumed responsibility for the UCNI Christians in the eleven districts which are the subject of this section and from the Malwa Church Council.

Integration: The work of United Church of Canada and the work of UCNI was integrated in 1955. Most of the work of the Council is carried out by the Masihi Sewa Mandal. This body which has its own constitution, is made up of 41 members. According to the constitution the membership consists of the heads of certain institutions, specialist members and 9 members elected  by the Church Council.

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