BUNDELKHAND CHURCH COUNCIL (BKCC) –  under North India Synod of the UCNI

There are 3 churches and one house fellowship under this Council that falls under North India Synod.
Located in Damoh,  Nagra, Khera, Jhansi, Gawahia, Gwalior, Jabalpur
Moderator: Rev. Alic Robert
Vice Moderator: Rev. Herald Nath
Secretary: Mr. Stephen Singh
Treasurer:  Mr. James Alexander
Rev. Micky Simon
Office: 434/1 Khati Baba, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

The followings is the excerpt from the Book “The United Church of Northern India Survey 1968” published by GA of UCNI in Nagpur.

In the year 1967 this council had  these churches; Jhansi City Church, Jhansi Khrist Prakash Church, Jhansi Sipri Church as well Churches in Khailar, Babina, Isagarh and Gwalior.

Partner Church: Presbyterian Church in Canada.

History: The N. India Mission of the Presbyterian Church U. S. A. started work in Gwalior in 1874 although it was not officially recognize as a mission station until 1911. Despite much faithful work, it proved a difficult area to evangelise and in 1933 it is reported that the Church “was organized for the second time… with a congregation of about one hundred most of whom have come to Gwalior from outside”. Today the position is much the same.

In 1886 the American Presbyterians extended their work to Jhansi and in 1904, at their invitation, Canadian Presbyterians also started missionary activity, Jhansi was on the edge of the Mass Movement area and in 1905-08 reported 357 baptisms among two Depressed Class groups. The City Church was organized in 1890 and Sipri Church in 1905 by the Americans. The Khrist Prakash congregation was organized in 1907 by the Canadians and later a mission farm of 1200 acres was started.

In 1940 the Americans handed over their work to the Canadian Presbyterians, although they still continued financial aid to certain schools. Bundelkhand was organized as a separate Church Council in 1960.

Integration: The Church Council has responsibility for all Evangelistic work. Those schools founded by the Americans are administered by the Board of Education of the North India Synod and are Government aided. The Jhansi Girl’s School has its own Board as required by the Government.

It is recognized, but unaided, by Government and receives support from Canada. It is not directly related to any Church Court of the UCNI.

The Team felt that there is a danger that this Church Council may become isolated from the rest of the UCNI, partly because of its geographical location and partly due to its strictly evangelical theology. Before 1960 this area was part of the Allahabad Church Council but the distance between Allahabad and Jhansi made adequate administration of fellowship difficult. However, the present arrangement whereby less then 1000 baptised persons from a Church Council is not ideal. It is difficult to see how 200 families can ever support the administration necessary for an efficient Council. Moreover, such small numbers deprive Church members of many of the benefits of a wider Christian fellowship.

Visit of UCNI Officials in Christ Church, Nagra, Jhansi on 4th August 2012 by Moderator UCNI and Election of Office Bearers of North India Synod

Dedication of Emmanuel Church, Krishna Nagar, Khera, Jhansi undel Bundelkhand Church Council

Ordination of 6 Pastors of North India Synod by Rev.C.P.Bhujbal, the Moderator UCNI

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