There are 17 churches under this Council that falls under Maharashtra Synod.
Church Workers: 10 Ordained Ministers  and 11 Evangelist
Vice Moderator: Rev.M.C.Gaikwad
Secretary: J.W.Shakespear
Treasurer: Mr. Sunil S. Sonawane
First Church

The followings is the excerpt from the Book “The United Church of Northern India Survey 1968” published by GA of UCNI in Nagpur.

In the year 1967 it had churches in Ahmednagar   -First Church, Bates Church, Satara, Burudgoan,Shendi, Hanga, Sholapur, Hingangaon, Supa, Jamgaon,  Walki, Osmanabad and Wai

Partner Church: American Marathi Mission of the United Church Board for World Ministries

History: American Congregationalists first came to Ahmednagar in 1831 and “First Church” founded there in 1833 claims to be the “Mother Church” of Maharashtra. Later, the work spread southwards to Sirur, Satara, and Sholapur where a Church was founded in 1861. Converts during the early years were largely form among casts Hindus and in 1854 it is reported that there were 252 church members of whom two thirds were Sudars and “43 belonged to the highest castes.”

Between 1880 and 1920 there was a mass movement among the depressed Class groups and large numbers were received into the Church. As in many other areas, famine has played a part in the history of the church. In 1900  it is reported that the American Board had 2845 children in its care who had been orphaned as a result of the 1897-1900 famine and the Plague of 1898-1903. The Ahmednagar area has “exported” large numbers of educated Christians to other parts of the State.

Integration: The evangelistic work of the American Marathi Mission was integrated with the church Council in 1960. The church Council has an elected Board of Evangelism and Church Extension on which two representative of the American Marathi Mission have ex-officio membership. Institutions have remained under the control of the American Marathi Mission and are not directly related to any Church Court of the UCNI. They are administrated by “Station Councils” in each main centre. The local congregation has the right to elect some members to the Station Council.


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